Happy Thanksgiving! November 27 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so excited our site is now LIVE!  It's been a long journey to get to this point and we are extremely grateful for all of those who helped get Jakket off the ground.  Jakket is on sale through the holiday season.  Get your Jakket today - the World's Greatest Cable Wrangler!  


What a Women Wants Expo Friday & Saturday November 21 & 22 November 19 2014


If there is anything a Woman wants and needs it is definitely new Jakket! Jakkets are newly created and hot off the production line. Unlike a conventional Jacket to keep you warm and cozy, these Jakkets are like mini iPhone cases for Apple iOS charging devices and come in many colors and sizes designed to personalize your chargers - everyone will know whose is whose.  

Jakket keeps your charger and cable connected... travel made easy for those on the go. Compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods for both older and new versions. If you’re an Apple loving family with multiple devices,

We will be located in a Corner Booth #913 this Friday 10-8 and Saturday 10-6 at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah!  We are so excited to attend our first Expo and offer all of you the World's Greatest Cable Wrangler!  

Jakket will be the best stocking stuffer of the year!
Remember Corner Booth #913 - See You There! 


Jakket live on Kickstarter! February 14 2014

Meet Jakket!  We've been waiting for this moment for quite some time and we are optimistic you will immediately recognize the benefits Jakket brings to the cable management arena - a simple solution for a common problem. We've been working our way through the Kickstarter approval process for the past two weeks, and even well before Kickstarter, we experienced lots of trial and error. There is so much more involved than meets the eye. BIG thanks to the many people who contributed in the evolution of Jakket thus far...we now embark upon the next chapter and will keep you with us every step of the way. Be sure to back us on Kickstarter, like us of Facebook, follow us Twitter, plus us on google plus+ and watch us on YouTube! Your always welcome to shoot us a message, a suggestion or ask a question. And remember... JAKKET needs backers and backers need JAKKET! #jakket #jakketrocks #kickstarter