Jakket keeps iPhone’s plug wound about town - February 23 2014 highlights Jakket: Long days, extended stays, and the entire family having matching adapter cords makes dealing with gadget cords a hassle. But it’s those very annoyances that ushered in the idea for Jakket. It’s designed for the Apple 5 watt adapter ~ iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad Air, iPad mini and new generation iPods. Not only does the adapter come in multiple colors that can be assigned to each family member or gadget, but it also comes with an adjustable strap for keeping cords organized and gadgets docked. Competition might be a bit stiff for this campaign given the fact that there are campaigns on Backerjack with similar ideas (Tidy, Kero and Ark). For a pledge of at least $10, backers get one Jakket in their color choice with an expected delivery of June 2014. Jakket is made in the USA and offers free shipping within the US.

JAKKET Makes iOS Cable Management Easy - Geeky Gadgets February 21 2014

Geeky Gadgets highlights Jakket in the awesome article:  If your iOS charging cables become tangled mess when you carry them in your coat or bag while away from your desk. You might be interested in a new device called the JAKKET which has been created specifically to keep iOS charging cables neat and tidy, and even allows you to charge your iOS device while keeping your cable out of harm’s way. JAKKET   The JAKKET cable management system has been created by Necia Clark-Mantle and is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise $10,000 to make the jump from concept into production. Necia explains a little more about the JAKKET cable management system. “Jakket was inspired by my family – we all have the same white adapters, same cords and mine kept disappearing.  I suspect that most of my missing chargers have been ‘borrowed’ by one of my family members. I spent a lot of $$$ replacing lost or borrowed chargers so, I began searching for something better than a sharpie to identify what was mine and something that would keep my cord connected to the adapter. After a long search, I couldn’t find anything so I handcrafted a cover with a strap from supplies found at a local craft store – and it worked! Jakket was born and the journey began…a simple solution for common problem.” JAKKET For more information on the new JAKKET iOS cable tidy and to make a pledge to help it become reality jump over to the Kickstarter website for details.

Jakket iOS Cable Organizer - The Awesomer February 21 2014

The Awesomer posted Jakket on their website along with this write-up: A rubber case for the iPhone and iPod Touch charging cable and power adapter. The case keeps the cable and adapter together and can be used as a cable tie. It comes in nine colors to make it easier to identify your cable and adapter.

First 48 Hours – Jakket Copycat Found on Indiegogo February 20 2014

We successfully launched Friday on Valentines Day with a great start – everything was looking positive. Sunday evening, I was posting on a few different social networks when I signed onto Reddit for the first time. I posted information on Jakket and noticed a link called “related.” Yes, of course I clicked it - and to my surprise, someone had copied and posted our project. In less than 48 hours of being live on Kickstarter, Jakket was ripped off and posted as a project on! The project was live, copied verbatim – the exact same text, images, rewards, amounts – everything was the same, and the copycat called "Sami Kat" was raising funds too. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to do at first – I was really frustrated. I notified the Jakket Team and our attorney while frantically looking for a phone number, I quickly realized there was no way to contact Indiegogo or Kickstarter directly. Anytime there is an issue with bigger websites, your only option is to send an email to their support desk and then… just wait. As we waited for responses we started to search for other sites with the same link. We found Jakket on, two accounts on google plus and it was also posted on YouTube. Indiegogo responded by Monday mid-morning and quickly removed the project with their apologies – they were great. The Awesomer corrected the links so folks were corrected to the real Jakket. The process to remove google plus fraudulent accounts was so intensive we decided to let it go and move forward. In the end, it slowed us down a bit but we recovered quickly. It was completely unexpected and we were not prepared at all. So for those of you planning to launch a new product or project on a crowd-funding site, here are a few tips:
  1. Set a google alert so you are notified of any postings relative to your project. You can set the alert to “as it happens” and you will immediately get an email. Simply go to google alerts and put in the name of your product or project. This is also good idea to do at the beginning of your launch to learn of positive news being shared as well.
  2. Have emails handy for support personnel and/or security personnel so you can quickly contact them – it can take 24-72 hours to receive a response.
  3. If someone fraudulently copies your work and posts it, send as much detail as you can such as screen shots, links, etc. I also used Facebook pages/messaging in one case to get attention quicker. Provide details upfront, it can certainly help expedite resolution.

Jakket live on Kickstarter! February 14 2014

Meet Jakket!  We've been waiting for this moment for quite some time and we are optimistic you will immediately recognize the benefits Jakket brings to the cable management arena - a simple solution for a common problem. We've been working our way through the Kickstarter approval process for the past two weeks, and even well before Kickstarter, we experienced lots of trial and error. There is so much more involved than meets the eye. BIG thanks to the many people who contributed in the evolution of Jakket thus far...we now embark upon the next chapter and will keep you with us every step of the way. Be sure to back us on Kickstarter, like us of Facebook, follow us Twitter, plus us on google plus+ and watch us on YouTube! Your always welcome to shoot us a message, a suggestion or ask a question. And remember... JAKKET needs backers and backers need JAKKET! #jakket #jakketrocks #kickstarter