About Us

Jakket is a unique electronic accessory made for Apple iOS charging devices - it's just like an iPhone case for your charger.  Jakket was inspired by our frequent (almost daily) family challenge of keeping our chargers and cables together.  We often quibbled over whose was whose and spent a lot of money replacing lost or borrowed chargers.

The search for a better solution began… sharpies and a zip lock bags marked for travel just wasn’t cutting it.  We sought for a product that was compact, personalized and kept the cord and adapter together. After a long search, we couldn't find anything to fit our needs leaving us to handcraft our own design.  We made a charger cover with a strap from supplies found at a local craft store...Jakket was born and the journey began.

Jakket is a simple solution to personalize your charger, keeping it connected to your cable and it’s the perfect travel gadget too.  Today, Jakket is made specifically to fit Apple OEM 30-pin and lightning cables.  Jakket is  compatible with older and newer versions of Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods.  It also fits both the 5 Watt size adapter and 12 Watt size adapter. Jakkets made for the 12 Watt adapter are also designed to work with international adapters. More Jakket versions and products are in the works.

Jakket is a product of Clark-Mantle, Inc. a Utah based family business and the first of many innovative products on the horizon.  Micro USB Jakkets are currently in development.  

Jakket holds U.S. and International Patents Pending