Jakket for 12 Watt Apple Charger

$ 9.95 $ 14.95

If you’re looking a solution to wrap, track and pack your iOS 12 Watt charging device with ease, you’ve found it!  Jakket is like and iPhone case for your charger. Cable management is becoming more of a challenge nowadays especially when you're keeping track of multiple devices in a household or always on the go. Jakket personalizes your charger and keeps it together with your USB cable.  If you have more than one Apple iPad user in the family, wrap ‘em up with different colors to identify whose is whose.

Jakket is certainly tailor made for travelers too, just wrap, toss it in your bag and go. The 12 Watt Jakket comes in two sizes customized to fit the Apple 30-pin cable or lightning cable and is compatible with all iPad and iPad mini versions depending on the cable. When you order, choose the cable size that fits your iPad (30-pin cable for older versions and the lightning cable for newer versions).  The 12 Watt Jakket is also designed to fit the charger box to allow the use of various international adaptors.  Jakket is durable, colorful and compact, the perfect travel gadget or gift for all your Apple friends. Don’t forget to “Like and Save” for an additional 5% off your purchase.  Wrap it. Track it. Pack it.